PDT for Acne

PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) represents a dramatic advance in the war against acne.

PDT treatments clear up skin quickly, painlessly and safely in both teens and adults, eliminating the need for potentially dangerous acne medications.  It uses a special light frequency to kill acne bacteria in the skin without damaging tissue.

PDT is ideal for patients of all ages, teens and adults.  There’s no pain and it heals quickly.  Treatment involves giving the face a mild microdermabrasion to remove the surface layer of dead skin.  An application of Levulan is then applied to the face, which makes the acne-bacteria more sensible to light.  After about 30 minutes the acid is washed off and the patient receives up to 20 minutes of IPL therapy, which kills acne bacteria.

Some patients require only one session, while others need two or three sessions to clear up their acne.  Teens may need to go back for another treatment in six months to a year.

“Levulan PDT is a revolutionary breakthrough, and has changed the way I treat acne”, says Dr. Zuzukin.