Jan Marini Skin Research

Jan Marini’s Skin Care Management System can measurably improve the appearance of common skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, and skin discoloration.

And now it is easier than ever to pamper your skin with a rejuvenation program with the Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care Management System for all skin types. Jan Marini also has a Skin Care Management System for Men!

Each pre-packaged Skin Care Management System includes five pre-selected Jan Marini products with easy to use home care usage instructions. You can enhance your skin care program with additional Jan Marini Skin Research accelerators, intensifiers, and supplemental products.

Jan Marini Skin Research Facts

Does Jan Marini test its products or ingredients on animals?
Jan Marini does not conduct testing on animals.

Are Jan Marini products tested for safety?
Consumer safety is the highest priority at Jan Marini. All Jan Marini products meet or exceed industry standards for stability, package compatibility, and efficacy. All Jan Marini products are Dermatologist allergy tested.

Are Jan Marini products safe for pregnant women to use?
Jan Marini recommends that women who are pregnant and/or breast feeding consult their physician prior to using any skin care or cosmetics products.

Why should I buy Jan Marini products from a physician or skin care professional?
Physicians and skin care professionals that sell Jan Marini products can recommend a targeted Skin Care Management System that is appropriate for your specific skin type or concerns, and enable you to achieve optimal benefits from your Jan Marini products.