Patients Prefer Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedures

True beauty is said to come from inside. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people attach importance to presenting an attractive, well-tended appearance, and are prepared to actively do something about it. For satisfaction with their appearance also enhances people’s feelings of self-worth and the respect and recognition they receive from others.

Changes in diet and eating habits and targeted exercise are still the best way for people to achieve their ideal figure. But despite positive changes, even these two methods are not always able to produce the desired improvement in the most difficult problem zones. Therefore, there is a demand on the part of many people for additional, effective measures to get rid of unwanted accumulations of fat in places that change of diet and exercise have left untouched.

One potential method for getting rid of small, clearly defined areas of fat is the process known as injection lipolysis. In this process, the fat cells are permanently dissolved and absorbed by the body’s natural metabolism. In this minimal invasive procedure, which unlike liposuction does not involve clinical surgery, a substance known as phosphatdichylcholine (PPC) is injected directly into the zone of unwanted fat using very fine needles. The active ingredient is a natural product which is obtained from soya beans. It is also naturally produced in a similar composition in the body, where it performs a variety of functions, especially in connection with the fat metabolism. Since the procedure was first developed 12 years ago, injection lipolysis has long outgrown its infancy. The NETWORK-Lipolysis, which now embraces over 850 doctors from 52 countries, has developed the only therapy standard that so far exists for injection lipolysis, thus ensuring maximum safety for the patients. Although this “young” therapy was for a long time contentious because of the lack of practical experience in use of it, the NETWORK-Lipolysis has played a crucial role in placing the method on an assured footing. Moreover, studies into the underlying science are being conducted in cooperation with a number of universities.

Today, data material is now available on over 60,000 treatments, all of which have been conducted in accordance with standardised treatment protocols. The outcome is that the method works, and indeed has now acquired the status of a recognised procedure that has become established in the field of aesthetic medicine throughout the world and has also found recognition by the German Society of Aesthetic Surgery (GÄCD). But also among the patients, there is an increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures like injection lipolysis. Of crucial importance in achieving a safe and assured result, however, is that the therapy is carried out by physician who has undergone training in it and is qualified in use of it.

Also Dr. Zuzukin is a NETWORK-Lipolysis-certified physician, whose experience of this gentle method of treatment has been highly positive: “In my experience, injection lipolysis is ideally suited for getting rid of small cushions of fat where the fat is soft and has the consistency of pudding. The essential prerequisites for a successful treatment outcome are, however, that the doctor has received good training, and that the patient has been carefully examined and has been fully informed in all aspects of the therapy in advance.” Interested readers can find further information on injection lipolysis on the Internet at, the website of the ISL – International Society for Lipolysistherapy.

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